Professor Maximilian Xavier-Lou
"Welcome to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters."-Ian
Grandson of Charles Xavier
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 43
Powers Ice Manipulation, Ice Physiology
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Group X-Men
Location The Xavier Institute


Born Sir Maximilian Charles Xavier, Proffesor Ian Lou is the mutant grandson of Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. From birth, Ian and his older brother Evan were trained to lead the X-Men by their father (Lucas Xavier, the leader of the X-Men at the time). By the age of three, Ian discovered powers over ice whilst his brother found powers over fire. As the boys reached their teen age, Ian and his brother's powers were developing much more, though Evan was growing corrupt. When the day finally came that the brothers tested to become the new X-Men leader, the brothers walked into the institute and they both took private examinations with the professors. Evan being older and more skilled with his powers, everyone expected him to become the new leader. However, the professors saw darkness in Evan, and made Ian their new leader. Proving the professors correct, Evan ran off to become the leader of the Brotherhood. As the new leader of the X-Men, Ian took on the alias of Chill. At the age of 25, Ian married a woman named Margaret Lou, and they had a son named Robert. Robert was a telepath, and started the X-Men until he was 14, when he moved to a Private School in France. Shortly afterwards, Evan and the brotherhood killed Margret, driving Ian into deep sadness. Ian is currently 43, and is still the leader of the X-Men.